A lesson in following your heart...


I didn’t write this as my first official book, because my heart was in the project at the time. I wrote this book, because I listened to a mentor, instead of myself.

Though the book is well-written, has useful tips, and an attractive layout, it was rushed to meet a deadline. Therefore, it’s not my best work.

The lesson I learned was never to trust anyone who says you can only succeed—with their help. The person you need to trust the most in your life will always be you.

Every book that will follow on here is something I truly care about. Self-help books can make a real impact in people’s lives but so can fiction novels. Take the Harry Potter series for instance. Though magic makes the series more interesting, at its core, Rowling’s writing is entirely about genuine friendship and overcoming adversity with courage, determination, and love.  

- A.R. Knight

For Anyone Who Purchased The Above Book

I value honoring my word. I said there would be question and answer sessions that go along with the purchase of the book, and so there will be.

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